How Do I Keep My Trail Camera From Being Stolen?

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After buying a trail camera, the first thing is to understand the guidebook. Being a hunter
you will wish to mount your trail camera on a place where you can get excellent results.
But wait! Have you ever thought that a trail camera can easily be stolen from the
woods? Unluckily, it is true.

Some thieves and cheap hunters don’t bother to have a trail camera of their own. Their
only purpose of being in the woods is to steal someone else’s trail camera. By doing so,
they not only disturb you monetarily, but also steal your time and hard work. To avoid
such cases, you have to lock or disguise the cameras from burglars. There are different
techniques to keep your trail camera from being stolen.
Here we will consider a few well-known practices that can avoid your camera from being

1. Place Them at a Certain Height

One of the best ways to hide your trail camera from the bad intentions of the thieves is
to mount it at a certain height. This high spot should be a little higher in comparison to
the usual position from where you gather information with safety. You can adjust its
angle to a bit of the lower side. When your device is out of the sight of people, the
probability of it being theft will also be decreased. Even if the passers or thieves detect
your trail camera, they will not get risk about climbing at such a high spot. There is great
chance that they will let it be there. Some dedicated thieves will still, try to plunge and
steal your property, but the chances of being stolen are few at this elevated position.

2. Try Using a Lockbox

Different types of lockboxes ensure the safety of trail cameras. These safety boxes help
to keep your devices from being stolen. They also assist in facing atmospheric changes.
These days, companies are producing such cameras that have an attached lockbox
with them. A smart way is to buy a trail camera that comes along with a lockbox. Though safety boxes demand some time to get installed, but at the end you will be sure
about the safety. Lockboxes not only provide security from human beings but they
additionally defend the camera from bears that can damage it.

3. Disguise It by Camouflaging

Just like soldiers camouflage themselves with the rocks, bushes, and trees, concealing
a trail camera by mingling its surroundings is a sound policy. There are many ways to
camouflage your trail camera from the thieves. You can purchase a camera that already
has a camo-print scheme. Hunters can draw paintings on the trail cameras so that it
blends with the background and will look like part of that specific place.
You can utilize bushes, tree leaves, twigs and creepers to keep your trail camera from
being directly watched. This technique can often deceive the sight of the thieves.
Furthermore, your trail cameras will not frighten the bucks as it will appear to them as
something natural.

4. Hide Your Cameras

Using hiding spots is another technique of keeping your trail cameras from being stolen.
It is different from traditional camouflaging. Look for those trees that have a hollow place
or maybe a dead piece to conceal your recording device in it.
At the same time, if you intend to employ your trail camera as a security camera, there
are fewer chances that a thief will take interest in a flower pot or a birdhouse for a
camera. You can be innovative to discover a few difficult spots to hide your trail
cameras. Using artificial stones is not a bad idea either.

5. Additional Precautionary Measures

Even if you have set your trail camera within a lockbox and mounted it happily, there are
chances that some cheap thieves will try to get it, by hook or by crook. Such determined
thieves can be restrained from stealing by installing some additional precautionary
measures. You can add some extra locks, chains or cable locks to your camera so it
becomes difficult for them to approach. You can also use indestructible chains that cannot be cut by them. Such extra steps may cost you higher but they ensure the safety of your trail cameras.

6. Remove the Straps

The growth of all the trees, bushes and grasses is in an upright manner. Whereas the
straps used to tighten the trail cameras are in a horizontal pattern. This looks something
fabricated to the animals and also seeks the attention of other hunters. The clash of the
orientation between the straps and trees makes it easy to spot your trail cameras.
Anyone can get it easily. These straps are observed from the backside of the trees.
Therefore, by removing the straps you will somehow add to its security and the chances
of being stolen will be lessened.

7. Screwing Your Trail Cameras

Rather than using the conventional strapping, hunters can simply screw their trail
cameras. The screws are small in size, thus they reduce the chance of the visibility from
plain sight. Especially if your trail camera is 12 feet higher than the ground, this method
will be greatly beneficial. The process of screwing can take some time but the outcomes
are fruitful as well.

Bottom Line

It is surprising to see that someone can take advantage of your absence in the woods.
Keep secure your trail camera from being stolen is very important to save your precious
pictures. You have spent so much time to record data from the fields. The trail cameras
are not inexpensive as well. So proper planning and getting the right steps will help you
to save your camera from being stolen. Good luck!

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