The Best Wireless Trail Camera For 2020

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Table of Contents

Surveillance cameras have made the sport of hunting much more efficient and easier. When compared to manually performing target analysis. What is better than having game cameras that offer 24/7 remote access to your surveillance equipment.

Advancement in technology has made it possible that you do not need to wait for days and extract surveillance photography or video manually. With a simple additional feature of a cellular connection or wireless internet that connects the trail camera with your phone or tablet, you can remotely access the photographs or video from anywhere.

That is why we have compiled a shortlist of the best wireless trail cameras on the market for your benefit. It is understandable that buying a tech gear such as a wireless trail camera can be quite overwhelming for beginners especially when you do not know what features should you be looking for and how to choose from the market competitive prices.


But before we get into that, here are some main features you should be looking for in a wireless trail camera for maximum advantage:

Features To Consider Before Buying A Trail Camera

✅ Ability to detect movement.
✅ The Trigger-time (how much time it takes to capture a photograph after being triggered with the help of detectors)
✅ The Recovery-time (how much time it takes to capture the next photo after taking the first photograph)
✅ The lens being used.
✅ The kind of Flash/illuminators used for dark mode.
✅ The Picture or Video quality it produces.
✅ Special picture or video settings and their effects to choose according to your needs.
✅ The SD card storage it holds.
✅ The power supply or batteries.

AKASO 14MP Trail Camera – Night Vision & 120 Degree Angle Game Camera

Akaso Trail camera stands out with its excellent picture quality with a 14MP camera that shoots clear 1080 pixel photographs as well as video (audio). Works wonders during the day and doesn’t disappoint during the nighttime either with its powerful 24 infrared LED’s.

Although night photography results in black and white. The infrared detection range can capture wildlife photography as far as 65ft. Not only it has a bright night vision but it is also ‘quick on its feet’. Equipped with a 0.5/second fast trigger speed, it can capture and restore itself in no time to take multiple shots up to three photographs per detection.

Durability gives it an extra edge with a waterproof case, helps withstand harsh weather conditions of the rainforests. Easy to install anywhere and executes multipurpose results. It can be used for its primary function that is professional wildlife photography and hunting but can also be alternatively used as a home security measure to get instant captures of any burglars or intruders.

ENKEEO PH730S Wireless Trail Camera – High Trigger Speed

Enkeeo makes up for what Akaso cannot provide its customers. That is, a promise of reliability. Enkeeo PH730S Wireless Trail Camera has a 1-year manufacturer warranty while staying competitive in the market. When you buy anything, that is what matters to you most, correct? The reliability and quality of a product. It not only promises a reliable performance but stays user-friendly as well. Users have reported an eight-month standby time if you use 8 batteries.

Although the 32GB SD card and batteries and not included in the package here either.
Features a built-in 2.4 inch TFT LCD display with better 16M coloring. You cannot miss any action with its 0.2-0.6 second’s fast triggered speed that spans up to 120 degrees wide, and its 1920 x 1080p HD resolution with audio, from a 12MP camera lens.

Enkeeo stands out with a 42pcs 850nm black low glow IR LEDs for night vision that will not scare away any of the animals with an intrusive sharp white flash in the dark. Goes as far as 65 ft or 20 meters.
It also features two modes of time-lapse using advanced photographic technology. This one is also water and dustproof, saving it from corrosion.

Covert Scouting Cameras 5472 AT&T LTE Certified Code black Wireless Trail Camera, Mossy Oak

You only need more than 3 bars of AT&T to receive images. Covert Scouting Trail Camera would snap for you, regardless of the cellular carrier. You can personalize your settings to limit the number of daily shots you would like to receive so you can even save data usage.

The covert camera produces quality still images using its 12MP lens and 1280 x 720p resolution and a trigger-time of 0.7 seconds but the recovery time depends on your cellular network. It works as an instant camera. Clicks and sends them instantly, so recovering may depend on what service you use.

Users have reported that images might blur from time to time. Nighttime photography has okay results as well. It using a built-in infrared flash featuring 60 invisible LEDs and does not make noise when camera goes active and captures photographs. Hence, animals are not spooked away and are observed in their natural state.

Its detection ranges up to 100ft for better coverage even in the dark. In addition to wildlife photography, it can also record videos by storing in SD card (up to 32GB) and sending them right over to you so you can access it remotely. Covert offers a time-lapse mode if you need a long term observation of wildlife you are interested in.

Covert performs well in the battery power supply section. You may use 12A rechargeable batteries or use the solar panels for power supply when the sun is out and bright. Solar panels will reduce battery costs and last longer.

Wrapping Up….

Hopefully, by now you are well informed to make a purchase choice as a beginner or even if you are not a beginner but looking to upgrade from the regular trail camera to a wireless one. In any case, happy hunting!

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