What is the difference between Trail Cameras and Game Cameras?

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A question often asked by first time buyers of Trail Cameras are “What is the difference between Trail Cameras and Game Cameras?” Simply put, both are the same with the sole aim to provide accurate data on the picture of the target. Wherever the camera maybe located in the world, the Trail Camera has sophisticated technology, that can detect any movement and collect a photo and the coordinates.

What About Using a Trail Camera At Night?

With technology becoming evermore impressive, most Trail Cameras will enable the user to capture pictures at night. Even better, thanks to LED’s being attached to a Trail Camera, means you can also photograph in colour during the night. A massive benefit, as usually with a conventional flash, this would frighten the animal. For the professional out there, who doesn’t want to be seen with the camera, you could consider buying a flash which has infrared capabilities. Just bear in mind that you would only be able to capture black & white photos using an infrared flash.

Will I Lose Quality Using A Trail Camera At Night?

When using a Trail Camera during daytime or night time, there is a difference. Depending on the quality of the camera being used and it’s features, will have an impact on the quality of the image produced. Whereas those Trail Cameras which have LED’s will usually offer much sharper and also coloured pictures during the nighttime. In comparison during the daytime, using an infrared camera, will produce pictures that have colours that could be described as “dull” and also the clarity can be affected too.

What Is Trigger Time When Using A Trail Camera

When a camera takes a shot of something moving, such as a moving animal – the speed of the trigger time, will have an impact on the quality of the image. Remember when you’re taking a photo of something moving, you literally have milliseconds to get that image! You want to therefore be buying a trail camera that has the best possible trigger time. The slower the trigger time, the quality of the image becomes poor. A slower trigger time is only really ideal when you’re trying to capture an image of something which is still.Depending on your budget when purchasing a trail camera, will determine how fast the trigger time will be. Make sure you shop around when buying your trail camera, you want to compare price and functionality. Search Amazon for a trail camera for example, where you will have a huge choice that cater for everyone’s budget, large and small.

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